Sunday, June 22, 2008

Things are going really well from a pregnancy standpoint. We have roughly 5 weeks to go before this sweet girl gets here. I visit the high risk perinatologist every week for a sonogram and she looks great so far. She's growing and really active. Except for her little heart, she looks perfect. We've been really pleased with her progress and how well she's done in utero. I'm trying to bump up my protein intake to put some serious weight on her. I'd love for her to be as big as Colby was (9 lbs 8 oz). I really never thought I'd say that...
The boys are looking forward to her arrival. Well, at least Colby is. I'm not sure Jace knows what he's in store for. They are interested and ask questions all the time. It should be interesting. We continue to get countless emails, cards, and phone calls from all of our sweet friends who are eager to help us in any way.
We have been overwhelmed with the outpouring of love we have received. It's amazing how things like this that seem so hard open our eyes to our unbelievable amount of blessings. It changes who you are. It makes you grateful for small things and the things that you thought could make or break your day, just don't seem that important anymore.