Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mission Accomplished!!!

Well, Lia is exactly 3 months old today and she weighed in at exactly 11lbs yesterday! Yea! That's where we need to be in order to get the next surgery over with. We have mixed feelings about this. It's hard to imagine going back through all this again so soon, but we're ready to get it behind us. To look at her, you'd never guess anything was wrong with her little heart. She looks so healthy. We've been so blessed that she's done great and grown stronger every day.

She's scheduled for a cardiac cath on Nov 4th. They will more than likely look at scheduling her next surgery (called the Glenn procedure) at that time. We're thinking mid to late November. This next surgery is obviously another biggie...I think all "open heart surgeries" are a big deal. They are saying, though, that it is not as involved as her first one. They essentially did three individual procedures with the first surgery. (fused her aorta and pulmonary artery to fix the transposition, repaired her narrowing of her aorta, and put in the BT shunt). The next surgery will involve removing the BT shunt that has been supplying her pulmonary bloodflow and replace it by using her superior vena cava. Basically, as they get bigger, they outgrow the BT shunt and that's why it has to be replaced with something else.

Please continue praying for our baby girl. We've all fallen in love with her sweet smile. She has her family completely wrapped around her tiny little finger. Thank you all for keeping up with us.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Everyone, meet Lia's friend...

We went to see our little friend, Lauren, after her second heart surgery...she looks great, huh? We wanted to get some pics of the girls together. Lauren did awesome after surgery #2. It was fun to get Lia out a little. We felt like Lia looked so tiny compared to Lauren, but I guess when you're that size, 2 1/2 lbs makes a big difference! Thanks for the prayers for Lia's first little friend...and thanks for continuing to keep Lia in your prayers, too. More later...

Monday, October 6, 2008

We're really chunkin up!

Hey everyone - Lia just keeps on getting bigger and stronger every day! She weighed 10lbs 7oz today when we weighed her here at home. We are getting close to our goal of 11lbs and 3 months old where we will start looking at her second surgery. Keep praying that she stays illness-free and continues to have such great progress.

Lia's little friend Lauren is scheduled for her second surgery next Monday (the 13th). Lauren was born in June with the same heart defect as Lia. I've gotten to be friends with her mommy and we've kept up with our girls' progress throughout this. I'm sure the girls will end up being college roomates in their later years... Dr. Forbess is Lauren's surgeon too and we are planning on everything going perfectly for our sweet little friend. Please keep Lauren and her family in your prayers this week and next as they proceed on with the process of fixing her heart for good.