Friday, January 30, 2009

6 Month Checkup

Lia had her 6 month check up on Thursday with Dr. Smart. She went in with what we thought was a little cold and eye infection that turned out to all be related to an ear infection instead. Needless to say, we left with a prescription for antibiotics and without our regular 6 month immunizations. She's pretty much right on track with her developmental stuff...something I thought she might lag behind in given all she's been through. She is almost sitting up, babbling nonstop, and actually rolled over for the first time right there in front of Dr. Smart and Corey. I, of course, missed it all since I was busy at work. She weighed in at 13lbs 10 oz...still on the charts at about the 10th percentile. She's still on the small side, but gaining weight slowly but surely and that was all within the month of having some sort of stomach virus. I think that's pretty good.

My friend Stacey ran into our cardiologist at CMC last week. She took the initiative to reintroduce herself to him and the two of them proceeded to discuss Lia (or should I say her over-obsessive mommy) at length for the duration of the elevator ride. They discussed how I was still worried with the amount of cc's per kilo she is taking on a daily basis. I guess if one my best friends and my daughter's cardiologist think it's worth talking about, then maybe I should lighten up a bit. I'm trying...really, I am.

We go back to CMC to visit Dr. Lemler next Friday for another echocardiogram. We don't expect them to find anything abnormal, but I'm ready for it to be over with anyway. Say a little prayer for us before then if you don't mind...

Friday, January 16, 2009

Getting Life Back to Normal????

Hello everyone! So sorry I haven't been the best at updating the blog lately. Let's see, since our last entry we have had Christmas, New Years, gone back to school, gone back to work, and started living our lives again. Lia's is continuing to do great. She's almost 6 months old and is still grinnin up a storm. She's got a lot to say...babbles quite a bit. (Wouldn't we really like to know what she's thinking?) It would probably go something like this..."Really, mommy, could you please stop worrying about how much I eat with each bottle? I feel great, just look at my smiling face. My big brothers are so hilarious. They make me laugh all day long. My daddy is really funny, too. How come you all just stare at me smiling so much?"

I went back to work last week. It was not near as hard as I had feared it would be. I was ready to see my friends at work and I feel like it was time to have some "distance" from Lia and the house. I think it's good for me to see that she will do fine at home with her daddy and I really don't have to be there to obsess over her every move. Corey as usual has handled it all in stride. He's great being at home with her and taking care of getting Colby to school and entertaining Jace and Lia all day.

We finally took Lia to church a couple of weeks ago. She was able to meet so many of the people who have been praying for her for soooo long. My parents and Corey's parents went with was such a special day. It was really fun getting to go back to church as a family...a whole family. We won't put her in the nursery for quite a while, so she goes to class with Corey and me.

Since things have slowed down with Lia (hopefully, her next surgery wont be until she's 3 years old) I've decided to transition to a family blog. We will definitely keep this one and add to it as things progress with her, but I'll be updating the family one more often. There will be more info to follow about that soon. We love you all. Thanks for checking on us. She is still such a miracle.