Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lia's First Easter

Well, we made it through chicken pox without a hitch. Lia went to see Dr. Smart for her 9 month checkup last week and checked out great. She weighs 16lbs 1.5 oz and is steadily staying right at the 10th percentile. Her o2 sats were about 85% which is exactly where they expect them to be. She's almost crawling and prefers veggies over fruit. She loves her brothers and cousins and is a happy, happy little girl.

Easter was great. She looked adorable in her sweet dress. Her hair's long enough now that I'm putting it in piggies...too cute.

Corey and I look back to this time last year and just wonder..."How did we do that?" How did we make it through the last part of the agonizing pregnancy and then the first few days after she was born? It's so amazing how far she's come. It's hard to believe she'll be a year old soon. She continues to inspire us and ground us at the same time. What a blessing.