Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Long Time No Blog

Well, how long has it been? Let's see...July, Aug, Sept...I guess it's been 7 months. Really,I guess the way this works is no news is good news. Lia went to see Dr. Lemler back in Dec, actually one year to the date of her last surgery. Her echo looked great and he was really pleased with how she looked. He said he didn't need to see us again until May! That's forever for us. It's amazing to think how we went to CMC for check ups every other week in between her first and second surgeries. She is now 19 months old. She is so active, nosey, and busy. She loves to play in my makeup and primp in front of the mirror. At the same time she does all that, she's playing football with her brothers in the living room.

We did have a rough two weeks or so about three weeks ago. She got a cold that the rest of us were passing around, and she really took a good hit from it. She ended up with o2 sats running in the mid 60's, a terrible cough, and two bad ear infections. After three different antibiotics and one near trip to Children's ER, we got through it. Halleluia. She seems so healthy all the time, sometimes it's easy to forget that she does, in fact, only have three chambers in her heart. She will take it harder than the rest of us when it comes to colds and viruses. She's back on the up and up now, though. Her sats are running mid 70's again, which is where she lives. She up to her old antics of bossing her brothers around and running the show here. We love it.

I've added a few more pics...enjoy. Thank you again for keeping Lia and our family in your prayers. She is such a miracle, and we will never stop praising our Lord for bringing her to our family. She (and He) has taught us so much already.