Friday, September 13, 2013

Heart Check Today...and Team Lia

We took Lia back to CMC today to see Dr Lemler and our friends at the Heart Clinic.  I did all the normal things to prepare...packed a bag of things to do since we are usually there for hours, did a lot of anxious praying (not because she was giving me anything to worry about...just because that's what I do before her heart checks), thought meticulously about her outfit to make sure it was something that might give her a little push of extra ounces on the scale, yeah...pretty much all the normal things.  This time, though, I added to my list "notify the school and her teacher of where we would be this morning"...that was something I hadn't really thought about before.  

After the typical morning of sleepy kids not wanting to move fast enough and searching for folders and lost homework at the last minute, we dropped the boys off at school and we were on our way.  We got to Children's in plenty of time and found a perfect parking spot.  We checked in and before we knew it, they had called our name to go back.  Things were moving at a peculiar "faster than normal" pace.  They were swamped...but that's pretty normal on clinic days.  They got her weight (she's gained a whole kilo, people...big deal for this lifelong 10th percentile girl), BP & O2 sat (93%...a number I honestly never thought we'd see).  So far so good...but we still had the 12 lead EKG to think about and the echo that I just knew he would order last minute "just to check on things...".  Next, in he walks.  While we went over how things had been going, they came in and did her EKG.  I multi-tasked as usual and continued to answer his questions while keeping my eye on her EKG rhythm...P waves, check.  Not a normal sinus rhythm by any stretch...but we like P waves, and that's what she was missing during her operation that caused them to put in the pacer wires..."just in case she needs them some day."  She had P waves today.  Another victorious blessing.  Dr. Lemler checked her out really good and finally said, "Well, you guys are paying me an awful lot of money for me not to have to do much."  It's worth it...and we told him we'd be willing to pay him more.  We go back in 6 months...and guess what?  No echo today.  I stand corrected.  Happily.

Lia loves stickers...and stickers she was given...

I have a few Team Lia pics to post from last weekend's Dallas Heart Walk.  We had an amazing turnout, considering it's probably the busiest time of year for most people with kids our kids' ages...not to mention the whole million degree temps with absolutely zero breeze thing.  Other than that, the Heart Walk was great.  Chaotic as usual, but great.  This year was particularly amazing because we walked without the weight of the pending Fontan on our shoulders, and it felt really good.   Did we ever have something to celebrate... Now get ready for picture overload.  Here goes...

So obviously...our family. 

Our beloved Coach Rocky, her daughter Ainsley, and the Stone kids.

2013 Team Lia 
(minus several who were fighting traffic and raiding the closest ATM for cash to park)

One of my favorite NICU babies and his family

My Baylor NICU and L&D girls...
These ladies have cried a few tears with me over my girl in the last 5 years

My sisters and Lia... Speaking of sharing some tears... Wiggins women know how to cry. And laugh. And protect. It comes from deep down in our ancestry. 

Lifelong friends of Corey and now lifelong friends of these families. 

Some of the girls I used to work with...all amazing nurses and people that I'm blessed to know. 

Lots of Colby's fball team were here...just missed many of them when snapping pics 

The faithful, loyal Lia crew were here as always....special people and prayer warriors for our girl

Madison and Paige...some of Lia's biggest fans 

Last but not least...Miss Sassypants herself

As I uploaded these, I realized how many people we missed getting their pics. I'm sad about that. Thanks to all of you, any who showed up to brave the heat and walk with us. Thanks to all of you who ordered shirts. Thanks to each and every one of you who have ever been on your knees in prayer for our family. We know who you are, and we love you all. We thank God every single day for you, our amazing support system. We are so blessed to be able to share Lia with each of you.