Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Update- Wednesday

Miss Lia had another eventful day. They came in early & removed both of her chest tubes & a few other drains. She is off her blood pressure and continuous pain medicine. They plan to pull her breathing tube this afternoon and start feeding her through a tube to her stomach this evening. Tomorrow they plan to remove her cardiac lines and once they do that Corey & Lisa will be able to hold her.

Please don't stop the prayers for Lia because they are working!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Lia Surgery Update- Tuesday

We have more miracles to report on our sweet Lia. The doctors have stopped her paralytic medicine & one of her sedatives, so she is beginning to wake up a little. The doctors will be closing her sternum this afternoon. She is stable on her meds and will begin taking some breast milk through a tube. Her pulses are already stronger than they were before surgery. Overall the doctors are pleased with her progress.

We are praising God for this modern day miracle. Please keep praying for continued blessings.


Lia Surgery Update- Monday

Lia is out of surgery it lasted six hours. She tolerated surgery great, no complications to report so far.

All the goals were achieved, the next 24 hours are very critical.

Please send up prayers of thanksgiving and continue to pray that things go as good as they have. Corey and Lisa appreciate all the calls and texts they have received today.


Friday, July 25, 2008

Lia continues to do well in the CVICU. She is now eating as much as they will allow her to have every three hours and is tolerating it great. She's more and more beautiful everyday. Her nurses have all been awesome and have taken wonderful care of her. She is constantly decked out in PINK and people who walk by her room comment on that often. I must say it's really fun putting her in something new and cute every day.
The surgeon decided today that she will be scheduled for surgery at 7:30 on Monday morning. We have been anticipating that for so many months now, and yet aren't sure we're quite ready for it. I don't know if we ever really would be... I was telling Corey today that it's amazing how in the same exact moment you can feel such incredible joy and such overwhelming panic when you look at her and think about what's ahead of us. We love her so much. We are really having to reach deep down and call on a faith that we've never known we've needed before. We trust that God will continue to lead us through this. He always has. Please continue to pray. Pray and pray and pray. We need prayers of strength and peace like never before. We will continue to keep you all updated. Thank You for all you've done for us before, and thank you ahead of time for the prayers you will all be offering up this weekend for Lia. We love you all...

Thursday, July 24, 2008

We wanted to post a few pictures, just to give you an idea of how blessed our family truly is.

Two very proud older brothers. I have a feeling that they won't let anything happen to their new little sister.

The hospital set up this really cool Webcam so that I can keep an eye on Lia and Corey from Baylor while they were at Childrens.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Lia Kate Stone was born yesterday morning at 11:02 am. She weighed 7lbs 1 oz and was 19 inches long. Her delivery could not have gone more smoothly. She is more beautiful than we could ever have imagined. Corey and I got to hold her and love on her for several minutes after she was born. She was pink and screaming...we've never heard a sweeter sound.
She was greeted by several of my good friends at work who took great care of her during her delivery and then afterwards in the NICU. I was able to sit in the NICU and hold her until the Children's Transport Team came to get her. They were sweet to our baby. Corey got to ride over to Children's with the team. I stayed the night at Baylor and got some good rest before going to Children's this morning.
We had an uneventful day today in the CVICU. Lia looked good all day just resting and looking cute. We plan to visit with and enjoy our new baby girl for the next few days until they do her first surgery. She continues to be stable on her medication and we got to feed her a bottle this evening. Corey and I came home tonight to see the boys and get some rest while my mom stayed with Lia.
If things stay the same, we're planning on the surgery being Saturday or Monday. It's obviously up to the surgeon and Lia as far as when it will be for sure. As long as she continues to look good, we're fine with either day. To look at her, it's hard to imagine anything at all is wrong with her little heart.
Thank You all for the messages in the guestbook, calls, emails, and visits. We continue to ask for prayers for our baby girl. So far, things have gone great. We feel so blessed by all the positive things that have happened up to this point. We love you all....
Corey, Lisa, Colby, Jace, and Lia

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Today felt like a day full of doctors appointments. We saw Dr Magee this morning and again, Lia looks great. He took a good look at her and was very pleased with how well she looked. She was very active and had no sign of any extra heart beats. He didn't measure her size today, but last week measured her at about 6.5 lbs. He did get a really good shot of her face and she is adorable... spoken like a true mommy. (Corey agreed with my take on things, too). Later this afternoon we went to see Dr. Littrell and she thought everything looked good as well. Our plan is for me to go back in next Tuesday, she'll check me and make sure I don't look like I'm going to go into labor within the next few days. If by some chance I do look that way, we'll plan on inducing the next day...July 16th. Otherwise, I'll plan on pretty much taking it easy until my scheduled induction day of July 22nd. We have all our doctors, nurses, and respiratory therapists lined out for that day. Hopefully, for once, she'll cooperate and just go with our plan.We'll see.
After Lia's born, she'll go upstairs to the NICU where they will get her set up to be transferred to Children's Medical Center. The Children's transport team will be at Baylor to pick her up within a few hours. I'll plan on staying at Baylor for the night and Corey will go with Lia to Children's. Hopefully, I'll be able to leave Baylor the next morning and go to Children's with Corey and Lia. Once she's at Children's we aren't sure what to expect when. As long as she's stable, they'll run some tests on her and let her recover from being born before they do the first surgery. We're not sure how long that will be. I assume it'll all depend on how she does.
I guess from here on out she makes all the shot calls. They'll base her timeline on how she's doing from day to day. That's about all I can tell you at this point. I'm taking some time off work to rest and get prepared (if that's possible) for our baby's arrival. This is also giving me a chance to spend some time with the boys. Please continue praying for Lia. Pray that Corey and I can remain peaceful these last two weeks. Pray that things go perfectly during her delivery and that she makes a smooth transition to Children's. Pray that she does well once she's there. Pray that Colby and Jace will be okay throughout all this, and that Corey and I will be wise in our time we spend with them. Thank You all so much for your thoughts, prayers, emails, phone calls, and cards. We love you all....
Corey and Lisa