Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cardiology Check Up

We took Lia back to see Dr. Lemler for a sedated echocardiogram last Friday. I always dread these for several reasons. First of all, they have to sedate her for it and she despises the medicine they give her to put her to sleep. Because they are knocking her out for the echo, she can't eat anything for several hours before and that's always a drag, too. Fortunately, she's never been that big of an eater so it doesn't seem to bother her near as much as it does me. The main reason I guess I don't like having to have an echo is I'm always concerned that they might find something new and different to have to worry about. Well...back to last Friday. She hated the medicine, but went to sleep easily and woke up happily drunk with cute, lopsided grins. Dr. Lemler was very pleased with the results. When he's pleased, we're pleased. He was happy with her weight gain and thought she looked fantastic. He said he doesn't need to see her again for 3 to 4 months....well, make that 3 months. He said 4 months makes him a little nervous. We were estatic to be able to wait a few months to go back.

Yesterday, Lia went back to Dr. Smart's office for her follow up on her ear infection and to get her 6 months shots. As usual, she took her shots like a man. I'm telling ya, nothing bothers this kid too much. She has her first tooth poking through and she was up to 14lbs 9oz...almost up a full pound since last week. She's started cereal and we're gonna give veggies a crack tonight. Just wanted to give everyone the great news that she looks so fantastic. Be sure to check out our new family blog. The link is on Lia's blog.