Monday, August 25, 2014

My Prayer for this Schoolyear...

Well here we are again...Summer flew by at record speed and now it's the first day of school. It's hard for us because the Stones love summer. We love no structure, no backpacks, and no folders to sign. We love staying up late to watch our favorite team play into extra innings...even if they have no chance of playing in October. We just love freedom from routine... Or at least I do.  But nevertheless, the new school year is upon us.  It gives us an opportunity to get focused. And an opportunity to be more prayerful...

Here is my prayer for the new school year. 

I pray for the teachers. I pray they are strong and fair. I pray they are patient and resilient. Our teachers have a hard job...and they are good at what they do. They love our kids...and they want what's best for them. I pray they push my kids to believe in themselves, and to be better. I pray they are stern when they need to be, and compassionate when can be. I believe they will be. I'm thankful for my kids' teachers. 

I pray for our Lia.  Only 6 short summers ago, as I watched her in the CVICU at Children's, connected to a million machines, I dared not dream of the day she might walk into her first grade class.  And here we are. I pray for her health... for strong, steady heartbeats. I pray she stays away from scary viruses and illness.  I pray she is strong and confident in herself. I pray she opens herself up and makes lots of new friends, while maintaining her good friendships she made last year. I believe He has big plans for our little girl, and I love the front seat we have to see her life unfold before us. 

I pray for Jace. Sometimes life seems hard.  When you find out all you good buddies were placed in a different class than you for your 4th grade year...well, that stinks. My easy going, happy kid was fighting tears...And I gotta tell ya, people, it broke my heart. But here's the deal...Jace has been given an opportunity to deal with something that didn't go his way. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing. When life deals our children situations that aren't what they would choose...and believe me, it will...we have to equip our kids with the ability to cope. In a world where parents are running around cushioning life's blows for their kids, we are stripping them of their coping skills. Corey and I refuse to do that. So Corey told Jace that he gets to choose how he will handle this, and nobody takes that privilege away. I pray he makes great friends in unexpected places. I believe he will. He's that kid. 

I pray for Colby. This is the last year all my kids are in school together. Colby is starting his 6th grade year and.... I. Can't. Believe. It. I promise, I just watched him walk into those scary big school doors on his second day of homesick for our church preschool where everyone knew him and loved him. I was homesick for it, not Colby. He was always just fine. And guess what? That scary big school?  Turns out those teachers all know him and love him too! I'm thankful for a great group of friends with great parents that Colby has gained from his years at Reinhardt. So here's to a great last year in Elementary for this boy. Oh...and I also pray for our experience with Pre-AP Math and all the hard work, frustration, and tears that will no doubt come with it. Not Colby's, but mine. ;-)

I pray our kids are leaders. I pray they are kind to every single kid at school. I pray they are loyal friends, and take up for the kids that can't take up for themselves. I pray they stay safe and healthy. And I pray they learn a little in the process...

Bring it, 2014-2015...We are coming for ya. 

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